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Sheer driving pleasure

Life is filled with clues. For instance, a clue that you are probably going to love the next car on your test driving menu is when you walk up to it and it sits there with an attitude of “What am I still doing here? Come on, come lady, this is not what I am designed for. Let’s move!”

This car has the power, the precision, the balance and all the toys to make any driving enthusiast tingle with excitement. And immediately start budgeting or bugging his boss for a raise.  I get the feeling that these efforts have been largely successful, since the new-look BMW 320s are popping up like mushrooms after rain.  The 3-series is, in fact, BMW’s top selling model, and also one of the top 5 selling cars in South Africa.

The new 3-series is gorgeous, and from the upgrades in specs this car should by any account blow your hair back.

Then I pushed the start button.

Find out what happened in the latest Passi, on sale now!


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